Accessories and Connectivity

Hearing aid compatible cell phone accessories are beneficial in many ways. 

They put distance between the hearing aid and the cell phone, which can cut down on buzzing or feedback, as well as decrease any interference between the two devices.

And some accessories can give you hands-free cell phone usage, which is especially important if you plan on using your cell phone while driving. 

It’s a good idea to talk with your cell phone provider to determine if their operating system works with your hearing aids. 


Wireless connectivity, such as Bluetooth, allows you to connect your hearing aids to various technologies in your everyday life for improved sound quality directly from the source. Bluetooth technology works similarly to wireless internet, where sounds are sent through an invisible electronic signal.

Making phone calls, using a tablet or computer, listening to music and even watching TV at home can be an enjoyable experience for the tech-savvy user. Bluetooth allows you to control the volume of different technologies through your hearing aids or an app. 

Note that when Bluetooth-compatible devices are streaming to the hearing aid, the microphone inside the hearing aid may be turned off or turned down, depending on the hearing aid you are using and the way it is set up. This may mean you won’t have amplification of other environmental sounds around you during use, which is important to account for prior to connection.

The Bluetooth feature is compatible in most styles of hearing aids, though each manufacturer provides a different array of products and accessories that are Bluetooth-enabled. Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids do require some simple steps before they can work with electronic devices. Our hearing healthcare professional can help you with initial set up, but you may need a technology-savvy friend or family member to troubleshoot at home.