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Hearing Protection

Noise, wind and water. The activities we love can be detrimental to our ears and our hearing. And most hearing damage is not reversible. So, it’s important to protect your hearing at each exposure. Whether you are a hunter, swimmer, musician or motocross rider, The Speech & Hearing Center has options to protect your hearing, including the following:

Custom earmolds 

Your ears are unique and your hearing protection should be unique too. Custom earmolds give you comfortable protection that you won’t find in off-the-shelf products because they are made specifically for your ears. 

At The Speech & Hearing Center, you’ll find a wide variety of types available in different colors. Whether you need high-level noise protection or protection from mid-level noise, our hearing professionals will ensure you get the protection you need. 

Custom earplugs 

Custom earplugs fit securely in the ear canal. They can protect against noise, wind and water. Because they are made for the shape of your ear canals, they fit more comfortably and protect better than over-the-counter products. 

Types of hearing protection 

The protection you wear depends on the activities in which you engage. The Speech & Hearing Center has a solution for your lifestyle needs.

Hunting and shooting 

Whether you are in the fields, forests or shooting range you need to protect your ears against the sound of gunfire. But for safety, you still need to hear the sounds around you. Custom hearing protection for hunters and shooters blocks out damaging noise while an attenuator lets in the natural noise around you.

Swimming and surfing 

Watersports put your ears at risk from cold, wind and water. Custom protection reduces noise, protects from wind and water and floats.


Finding hearing protection that fits comfortably under your helmet can be a challenge. These custom earplugs are designed to be worn comfortably under your helmet and are designed to reduce wind buffeting. 

Musician earplugs and monitors 

Professional and amateur musicians put their hearing at risk with every practice session and performance. But traditional hearing protection can prevent them from hearing their own music and voice as well as the sounds from fellow musicians. Musicians’ earplugs fit deeply in the ear canal to prevent your own voice from sounding hollow while comfortably reducing the decibels without distorting the sound quality. In-ear monitors let you hear the sounds you create just as your audience hears them without the harmful amplification. 

Our Hearing Protection Products We Offer Include:

Hunting Ear Plugs


Hunting, shooting and sudden noise. A filter instantaneously closes when damaging noise levels are reached. Allows essentially normal hearing at all other times.

Music Hearing Plugs


Ideal for performing musicians and concert-goers. Also great for flight attendants, bartenders, waiters, dental professionals. Allows wearer to hear sounds accurately, but at reduced levels. Three filter options available: 9dB, 15dB or 25dB.

Swim Plugs


For swimming and showering – and they FLOAT! Also provide superb noise reduction.

Sleep Plugs


Offers comfortable and uninterrupted rest. Also great for shift workers with non-traditional hours.

Motorsport Plugs


Designed with a hollow canal for under helmet use to reduce wind buffeting.

Surfer Plugs


Designed to prevent surfer’s ear and swimmer’s ear caused by exposure to cold water and wind. The floatable material is molded with a sealed membrane spanning the sound bore that keeps cold water and air out of the ear canal, but allows for conversation and hearing while in the ear.

Occupational Plugs


Ideal for high-noise industrial environments.

Custom Ear Buds


For use with any bud/button style earphones.

DefendEar 1

DefendEar 1:

Amplification for situational awareness, as well as noise attenuation when you pull the trigger.

DefendEar 2

DefendEar 2:

Offers two modes, game, which is optimized for intermittent shots, and clay mode, which is optimized for continued shots. 

DefendEar Hunter

DefendEar Hunter:

Offers standard digital features and provides protection in windy environments.