Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Cheryl Giest

I am an occupational therapist and work with speech therapists in an adult rehab setting. It wasn’t until my own child needed speech therapy that I truly realized how much of an impact they make on people’s lives.

My husband and I noticed when my son, Aiden, was 3 that his speech wasn’t as clear as other kids his age at the playground and even family members had a difficult time understanding him. Aiden got to the point where he started stuttering and then would get frustrated and lower his head and refuse to talk. It broke our hearts to see him struggle with communicating so I pushed for his pediatrician to send him to speech therapy.

My son’s speech therapist, Carla Wiksell, has been a godsend for us. She truly has changed Aiden’s life.She started teaching him how to sound out the letters and sounds he was having difficulty with andmade it fun for him. We could tell that she truly cared about him-not just his speech but other areas that were needed to help him get ready for kindergarten such as being able to sit still, listen and follow directions.

When Aiden started kindergarten this year, he started having speech therapy in the school system but we requested to also continue with his speech therapist, Ms. Wiksell at The Speech & Hearing Center because we could see and hear what a difference she was making on my son’s speech and his confidence. We will forever be thankful for what Ms. Wiksell has done for our son!


Cheyenne Sluder

My son, Ashton, started going to speech therapy in August of 2021. He wasn’t speaking at all, other than the occasional “mama” or “dada.” Ms. Emily worked so hard with Ashton and formed a great relationship with him. Ashton loves her and always looked forward to seeing her. I think this helped Ashton progress even more quickly. Every week, I could see the amazing progress he was making. ByMarch 2022, Ashton was pronouncing words amazingly and putting 3-4 words together. That’s when he completed his time with The Speech and Hearing Center and working with Ms. Emily. Now, Ashton is doing great! He can effectively communicate with not only family members but everyone he meets. He’s so much happier and less frustrated being able to communicate his wants and needs. I’m super thankful and blessed to have been able to get Ashton into The Speech and Hearing Center. I recommend them to friends and family. They are amazing!


Penney Bates, Columbia Recycling Corporation

My name is Penney Bates, and I have been the safety director at Columbia Recycling for 14 years. Since 2013, we have used The Speech and Hearing Center to maintain our hearing conservation program.They have always gone above and beyond to make sure our employees are treated well, that testing goes smoothly, and all documentation is covered. Evelyn, the industrial hearing manager, answers all questions and makes sure we have all the required documents to stay OSHA compliant. David, the industrial technician, has always made the testing process easy and is a pleasure to work with. I cannot say enough positive things about our experience with The Speech and Hearing Center.

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Tracy Mitchell, Sherman & Reilly

The Speech & Hearing Center has provided outstanding audiology service to us for a few years. Their team is professional, knowledgeable, friendly and very responsive to our company’s needs.They contact me a few months in advance to schedule hearing evaluations for our employees. Their mobile unit comes to our site, which a great timesaver for our busy manufacturing facility. Of course,there are employees that miss evaluation day, but with the Center conveniently located in Chattanooga,I can send those employees to their office to be evaluated.With the help of The Speech & Hearing Center team, we stay in compliance with OSHA’s hearing conservation requirements. I would highly recommend them.



The Speech and Hearing Center has made such an impact on my son’s speech development. Sessions are prepped and tailored to his needs, as well as age appropriate and engaging. My son is excited to go each week. As a parent, I am thankful for the communication, information and tools to help him at home as well. I’m thankful they help me understand the process and equip me to practice with him outside of therapy. We will forever be thankful for our time with The Speech and Hearing Center.



Lonnette Smith

Holly Nace

K.C. King

Keirah Fletcher

John Cavanaugh

I had a great experience at The Speech and Hearing Center. The audiologist, Ursula, was very professional and did a great job performing my hearing test, going over my results with me, what they meant, and also explaining my new hearing aids and how to use them. She was so informative that when she was done I had very few questions and those she answered to my full satisfaction. And, as she advised, the hearing aids are now allowing me to hear a fuller range of sound than I had been able to hear for some time. It’s a really noticeable difference and a great feeling!

Elizabeth McGaffic

Hearing aids have changed my son’s life. He went from us yelling at him to: “Mom, you are too loud.” He is now able to be a part of a conversation and is more social. What would I tell someone with hearing loss who might be considering hearing aids? “Go for it.”