Hear Chattanooga

Untreated hearing loss has been shown to lead to loss of earnings, an increased risk of falls and social isolation, which directly correlates with depression and dementia.

We see these consequences every day and understand the very real financial challenges that can prevent the purchase of hearing aids. Market rate hearing aids can cost more than $6,000 per pair, making them completely unattainable for some.

It is to our nonprofit mission to ensure that cost does not prevent the acquisition of hearing aids for the most vulnerable in our community who already experience barriers to healthcare access.

Hear Chattanooga helps fill the gap and provides life-changing devices to those who could not otherwise afford them. Through this hearing aid assistance program, a pair of devices can be purchased for $400.

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The Specifics

  • Program participants can purchase up to two devices every five years for $200 per device.
  • Devices offered are Au Basic+ M, P or UP 675 BTEs with one-year warranty.
  • The Center provides the initial fitting and two follow up appointments within the first year at no charge.
  • Any other services outside the program parameters will be available to participants using the slide fee scale rate for which they qualify.
  • Two sets of devices are available through the program per month. Program participation selection is based on greatest need. Those who apply but are not selected will be added to a wait list for future consideration.


Participants must:

  • Be 18 years of age and older;
  • Not be eligible to obtain devices through any other means;
  • Fully complete a request form and provide requested income documentation; and
  • Qualify based on income according to the Health and Human Services’ Federal Poverty Level.

Completed request forms should be submitted to Audiologist Gretchen Switzer, who will determine eligibility at the end of every month and inform applicants of the outcome.

Hear Chattanooga Request Form