How to Get the Most Out of Your Hearing Aid Fitting

woman showing off her new bte hearing aids

Especially if you have never worn hearing aids before, you may feel a little more apprehensive about the hearing aid fitting process than you are about the actual hearing tests. The feeling of being apprehensive is typical, especially if you have no prior experience using hearing aids. Your audiologist, on the other hand, is well-versed in assisting you through this critical step in enhancing your hearing. Listed below are four great tips for a successful hearing aid fitting experience:

Remember To Relax

During your hearing aid fitting, you should feel relaxed and at ease. You should avoid clenching your jaw in order to achieve a proper fit! Before your visit, take some time to unwind. You should write down any questions you expect and try to plan your appointment during a time when your schedule is not too hectic. With this appointment, there is nothing to be concerned about at all. Take a friend or relative with you for moral support if it will help.

Know What You Can Expect

In the same way that you might have researched what to expect at your hearing test session, do some study into what you might expect at your hearing aid fitting appointment. A hearing aid user friend may be able to supply some specifics, and there are numerous publications available online to assist you in your preparation.

There will be one more hearing test performed at this session for your audiologist to make any necessary modifications to the amplification. A tiny tube is inserted into your ear to test the response of your eardrum to different sound volumes. The test is performed with the hearing aids in place to ensure that the amplification is balanced.

Your audiologist will also evaluate the fit of your hearing aids to ensure that they are comfortable in your ear.

Remember To Ask Questions

During your hearing aid fitting, you will receive a great deal of information. Apart from receiving instructions on how to properly insert and take out your hearing aids, you will also receive information and materials on how to clean and look after your devices, change the batteries and adjust the volume. Never be afraid to ask questions while your audiologist reviews this material with you in detail.

Give Yourself Time

After a while, you’ll become accustomed to wearing hearing aids. Initially, you will leave the appointment wearing your hearing aids, only for a short period of time the first day. It is important to keep in mind that your brain will require some time to acclimatize to all of the new sounds you will be hearing as you gradually increase your use of your devices to wear them all day. While things may not first sound the way you expect them to, your auditory system will quickly adjust.

You’ve taken an important step in improving your hearing, and you should be proud of yourself. As soon as you arrive for your hearing aid fitting session and start using your hearing aids, you will wonder why you didn’t begin the procedure sooner. Not only will your hearing health improve on a regular basis, but so will your overall quality of life, as well.