Taking a Look at the Top Hearing Aid Styles

husband and wife picking out new hearing aids

There are so many different hearing aid styles that you can invest in to alleviate your hearing loss and gain confidence and clarity. Three options tend to be the most popular choices, and these are in the ear, behind the ear and in the canal. Learning more about these popular styles can help you to make the right decision when you are choosing the perfect hearing aid, so read on to take a look at the top hearing aid styles in greater depth! 

In The Ear (ITE) 

In-the-ear hearing aids fit comfortably just inside your outer ear bowl. ITE hearing aids can be beneficial for mild-to-moderate hearing loss and can be customized to suit your unique ear. ITE hearing aids have a number of external switches matching your specifications, and they are generally very simple to use. It’s important to note that they are smaller device so they are a style which can be easily hidden if you are seeking out a less visible hearing aid. Their smaller size does allow them to have several features and controls, so you can expect a few of advanced options. 

Behind the Ear (BTE)

BTE hearing aids are the largest in comparison as they sit behind the top of your ear, making them a more suitable choice for hearing aid users who want a more obvious style. BTE hearing aids have all of their components tucked away inside a small shell, and they can be sources in an array of different sizes, shapes and colors, as well as skin tones shades that will help to increase the invisibility of your hearing aid device. BTE hearing aids connect to an earpiece located a little deeper inside your ear canal through a clear plastic tube. BTE devices are probably the most common type of hearing aid, as they’re easy to adjust with button controls for volume and program settings. 

In the Canal (ITC)

ITC hearing aids sit inside your ear canal, so they don’t have any obvious external parts like the two other styles that have been described above. ITC hearing aids usually have a particularly long battery life despite their smaller size, but their main selling point is the fact that they are almost invisible to the naked eye unless you take the time to point it out.

Most ITC hearing aid users would happily agree that they are a comfortable style. In-the-canal hearing aids work great in noisy places so can be great for outdoor social situations where you might usually experience issues with background noise.  Finding the best suited hearing aid for you can have a huge impact on the results you can achieve from your device. Always consult your audiologist if you want to stand the best chance of being matched with the perfect hearing aid style, as they will offer you clarity, confidence and peace of mind.