What Is It Like to Wear A Hearing Aid?

older hearing loss patient fitted for new hearing aids

Not everyone who is meant to have a hearing aid will get one. There are many reasons why, but for some of those reasons, it can often be assumptions made that aren’t entirely true. For years, hearing aids have been a handy device to help those with mild to severe hearing loss improve their hearing somewhat. 

But for those who’ve never tried a hearing aid, it can be hard to think about how it feels to wear one. This can be something that will automatically put people off from trying because they feel it will feel uncomfortable or different, which simply isn’t the case.

What is it like to wear a hearing aid?

In order to clear up some of the assumptions you have or things you’ve heard, it’s worth noting that the experience is always going to be slightly different for everyone. Just because someone says it’s not for them, it could be that they didn’t have the best experience of getting their hearing tested or that they picked a hearing aid, which ultimately wasn’t right for them.

Depends on the type of hearing aid you have

There are lots of different hearing aids available, and it’s important to know what one is going to be best for your needs and requirements. So, when it comes to wearing a hearing aid, the experience can be different depending on what type of hearing aid you have. 

If you have a behind the ear hearing aid, you might feel it’s different to someone who has one that sits in the canal. There are ones that are bigger than others, and so the weight or positioning might feel different. It’s always good to try different options so that you can personally feel what they’re like and which ones are more suited for you personally.

It’s not perfect

As technology advances and what we thought was impossible decades ago is now in our future or already in our lives, there’s always a chance that things could change when it comes to your hearing loss. However, hearing aids right now, they’re not perfect. They’re not a cure to your hearing loss, and it’s something that you will get used to over time. The sensation and the feeling of it being on your ear or in it. It’s always going to feel like a foreign thing to your body for a long time, depending on what type of hearing aid you choose and how your own body adapts to things.

What are the sounds like with a hearing aid?

The sounds are something that many who’ve never worn a hearing aid before will query when going into a hearing test. Is it something that is odd, abnormal and do you get used to it after a while?

Eating certain foods 

We all recognize that sound we hear with certain foods. Things like crusty bread or rock candy, for example, will sound a lot louder than other types of foods. That’s something that can be elevated by the hearing aids themselves and so it can often be difficult to cope with. You could take the hearing aid off if you find it easier and a more pleasant way of eating your food. The downside though, is that it can be difficult if you’re in public and engaged in a conversation with friends.

It can be very loud

With hearing aids, they can really help to boost sound levels but so much so that the sounds you hear on a daily basis might sound too loud. The best thing about hearing aids is that you can adapt them by speaking to your audiologist when troubleshooting them through daily life. You could turn it down so that you don’t have to experience such loud noise all the time.

The process of getting a hearing aid

Getting a hearing aid is something worth considering because it might be useful for your hearing in order to hear a little better than before. The process is pretty simple, and if you were to pop into your local audiologist, they can talk you through the process and get you on your way to fitting a hearing aid. 

A hearing aid is an experience that is unique to everyone, but you shouldn’t let other people’s experiences put you off from getting your own. You can learn more about wearing hearing aids through The Speech & Hearing Center by calling today at 423-622-6900. It might be just the call you need to make to get better hearing.