3 Things You’ll Learn at Your Hearing Aid Fitting

a hearing specialist performing a hearing aid fitting for his elderly patient

When dealing with important procedures such as getting your hearing aid fitted, it’s important that you know what to expect during your appointment. Hearing loss is something that many people all over the world experience at different ages, and it can’t hurt to learn all about what’s going on with your hearing health, as well as what you can do to make your experience with hearing loss easier. Learning all about what you can expect at your appointment can make the information you’re told easier to understand.

Your Ears Will Be Examined

When you get to your appointment, before going forward with the fitting, your ears will be examined by your audiologist. It’s important that the examination is taken, as there are some conditions in which it might be risky to fit your hearing aid. For example, if you have a build-up of wax or an ear infection, you may have to delay your fitting. It’s also important to make sure that your hearing aid is set and adjusted right before fitting, so your ear may be measured using a real ear measurement.

Adjusting to Your Hearing Aid

Of course, it’s not going to feel natural for the first time once you’ve got your hearing aid fitting, and you’re going to want to know how long you should expect before your experience is comfortable. You can expect wearing your hearing aid to start to feel like normal at around 12 weeks in. It could happen sooner, it could happen later – although that is unlikely. Managing your expectations is important, and you should expect there to be at least a little discomfort once they have been fitted.

It’s not only the comfort side of things that you’ll be adjusting to, as you’ll also be hearing a lot more than what you are used to. Your hearing aid will pick up on the quieter noises, and they’ll be a lot louder than what you’re expecting. This is a normal experience, and it can take you some time to get used to it once they have been fitted. This is by no means a negative experience, but it should be expected.

How to Use Your Hearing Aid

Most importantly, you’ll want to know how you can use your hearing aid once it’s been fitted. You won’t want to have to keep returning to your audiologist over every question, so going through it with them is very important. Your audiologist will talk you through how you can use and adjust your hearing aid properly and what you can do to maintain it throughout the day. You will need to know how to adjust it when the audio is not how it should be and how you can maintain it by removing and cleaning it.

If you have any more questions about what comes after having your hearing aid fitted, your audiologist will be happy to help you during your appointment; so, you shouldn’t hesitate.