How Better Hearing Can Help Your Career

There are a lot of things that can help your career. Experience, a college degree, a solid work ethic – it can all help you with your career. But have you given thought to how better hearing could help your career? 

With at least one in eight people experiencing hearing loss, it’s more common in the workplace than you might realize. Hearing loss can impact your ability to do your job, making it difficult to succeed in your career.

Learn more about the ways better hearing can help your career and the options that are available to you if you’re experiencing hearing loss.

It Can Help You Communicate Better

Hearing loss can have an impact on your ability to communicate at work. From being unable to hear people on the phone and to struggling to hear your colleagues in the same room, experiencing hearing loss can cause various issues for you at work. 

Hearing loss can make it easy to mishear instructions, which could lead to errors. It can also be a health and safety concern, especially if you work in a job where you might encounter traffic or machinery. 

It Can Make You More Confident

People who experience hearing loss can develop self-esteem issues and may even cause them to withdraw from social interactions with others. By getting a hearing aid, you can improve your hearing to be able to improve your relationships and help you feel more confident – something that can help with your career development.

If your hearing loss is holding you back, getting your hearing checked by an audiologist could help you restore that spark that will boost your self-esteem at work.

It Shows You Don’t Shy Away from Problems

It’s easy to shy away from a health problem. Some people avoid getting an issue treated because they don’t want to be a burden, but they might also be scared or see it as a sign of weakness.

By tackling your hearing loss head on, you’re demonstrating personal resilience and that you’re willing and ready to deal with problems. For many jobs, problem-solving is a vital skill, so if you want to show your strengths at work, make sure you tackle issues with your health and personal life too.

It Opens Up Multiple Career Options

Some jobs rely on great hearing skills to be able to do the work effectively. Some great examples of careers that require great hearing include:

  • Sound engineer
  • Musician
  • An emergency worker
  • Communications Roles
  • Customer service
  • An audiologist

Of course, there are a lot of careers where having good hearing can also be a benefit, but if you have a job that requires you to be able to hear directions and instructions clearly, then experiecing hearing loss could impact your ability to do the job.

Wearing hearing aids can significantly improve your hearing, allowing you to continue to do your job well. If you have concerns about your hearing, you should discuss them with your employer – especially if you suspect that you have hearing loss caused by your job, working conditions or a lack of protective equipment.

It Can Help Your Earning Potential

A study from the Better Hearing Institute found that hearing loss can impact career success and an individual’s learning potential. But that doesn’t mean that this is set in stone. The same study showed that those who wore a hearing aid to improve mild hearing loss can reduce the risk of a loss of income by 90-100%. 

It can also mean that you’re able to work longer, as getting help for hearing loss could prevent issues from getting worse. 

Protecting Your Hearing at Work

A lot of cases or hearing loss are preventable, and this can include protecting your hearing at work. Some of the things you can do to protect your hearing include:

  • Keep earphones to an acceptable noise level – and take breaks from listening to music and audio.
  • Wear the correct protection if you work in a noisy environment.
  • Follow health and safety procedures and avoid loud environments if you don’t have the correct protection.

The sooner you get a hearing problem checked out, the sooner you can get the help you need. You can make an appointment with The Speech and Hearing Center for hearing tests and assessments and to be fitted for a hearing aid if you need one. Speak to our team or make an appointment by calling us at 423-622-6900 today.