What are the Common Signs You Need to See a Hearing Health Professional?

woman holding hand to ear outdoors

If you think that you may be experiencing a degree of hearing loss, the first place you should think to get some help is from your hearing health professional. There are plenty of signs that should tell you that you need to see a hearing health professional and this article is going to cover them all. When you do go and see them, you might be told that you need to have hearing aids so that you can amplify and separate the sounds you’re experiencing.

Signs of Hearing Loss

There are plenty of early signs out there and once you notice the early changes in your hearing behavior, you need to take notice and go and get some help. You might notice the early warning signs and some of those include:

  • Complaining that those around you are mumbling when they talk
  • Asking for friends and family to repeat the sentence they’ve just said to you
  • Turning up the TV or radio – and even at the highest level you can barely hear it
  • You can’t hear well on the telephone
  • You need subtitles because you can’t hear what people are saying on TV
  • You can’t hear well in crowded places
  • You need people to be looking at you to speak to you because you need to see their mouths move while they speak

You Can Hear, But You Can’t Understand People

Speaking to your hearing health professional is important here. One of the most common types of hearing loss is being able to hear people speak but not being able to understand exactly what they’re saying. You might have nearly normal hearing for certain pitches and sounds, but the hearing loss is sitting in another range, so you can hear vowels but not consonants. During a normal conversation, the speech can be loud enough, but the words seem to blend in together. This is obviously a problem, especially when it comes to meetings and sitting to chat with friends.

How Can My Hearing Health Professional Help?

Hearing aids don’t correct your hearing back to what it was; it’s important to know this going in. Hearing aids work to amplify the sound and help you to hear a range of pitches that you were missing before. The technology within hearing aids is nothing short of miraculous, and your hearing health professional is going to be able to talk you through which hearing aids will be right for you and talk to you about which hearing aids suit your lifestyle

How Many Hearing Aids Will You Need?

Your hearing health professional will assess your hearing to discover whether you need one hearing aid or two. A device in each ear may be of bigger benefits than just one, and it’s going to be up to you and your hearing health professional to discuss this! With the right help, your hearing can be improved and boosted, even if it doesn’t go 100% back to normal.