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About Us



3 Key Differentiators:

Hearing Healthcare-focused

Purchasing a hearing aid will only get you so far, an audiologist’s expertise and support will allow you to achieve overall hearing healthcare for a better quality of life.

Patients over Profits

As a non-for-profit practice, we have the rare ability to put patient satisfaction and the well-being of the community over profits.  Our team doesn’t work on commission, but are compensated by patient satisfaction rates.

Lifelong Support

We offer support services for not only our patients, but community, such as workshops, seminars and networking groups to ensure you always have assistance and encouragement you need to accomplish your hearing healthcare goals.



Your hearing needs are as individual you. We will take as much time as needed to understand how you live and how you feel you are hearing. It is a priority that we understand where you hear well and when you are struggling. In this way we can customize a solution just for you. 


Hearing loss can be caused by something as simple as too much ear wax! It can also be a more complex problem. We will review the physical health of your ears as well as test how you hear at a variety of different tones and volumes. We will also test how clearly you are hearing speech and how much we can improve your connection with loved ones! 


If hearing loss is found, our Audiologist will discuss the multitude of options available and customize a solution that will best suit your lifestyle, hearing difficulty, and cosmetic preferences.


Simply put.... We are here for you!

For individuals who care about their overall health, we provide comprehensive diagnostic audiology services, quality care and support and a variety of superior hearing aids for every budget that will allow for outstanding hearing healthcare for our patients now and the future.

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