About Us

The Speech & Hearing Center is Chattanooga’s only nonprofit medical practice specializing in enhancing communication and enriching lives. Since 1953, the organization has fulfilled its mission of improving quality of life through better communication by providing audiology, speech, occupational and physical therapy services to individuals of all ages and income.

The Speech & Hearing Center is an integral resource to the community. Our best-in-class medical providers deliver much-needed services with top-of-the-line technology, competitive pricing and exceptional customer service.

We help children take their first steps. And speak their first words. We restore hearing to those who have been struggling to understand their loved ones for decades or more. And help to mitigate the significantly increased risk they face of health and safety issues, such as falls and dementia.

As a nonprofit, we ensure all individuals with speech or hearing impairments have access to the services and equipment they need, regardless of their ability to pay. But that doesn’t mean we don’t accept private pay and private insurance patients. These patients, as well as grants and donations, offset the costs of our mission work.

Patients who can afford services can feel good about their choice to support a long-standing community organization. A portion of every service or product purchased assists those in our community who would otherwise not be able to afford therapy or hearing devices.

By choosing us, you’re helping to improve quality of life in our area by minimizing the effects of communication disorders on education, employment and social wellbeing.